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Westbrook Trail BlazesPO Box 1244Westbrook, ME 04098


Dear Westbrook Trail Blazes, Please be advised that we will be holding our 3rd meeting of the season, on Wednesday  October 19th.  Beginning at 6:30 pm.


We'll be at Anthony Latini's house on his backyard patio.  The location is 170 Pierce Street.   This is a very casual venue and if you're interested in the Westbrook Trail System, have some ideas or are willing to lend a hand on getting things ready for the season, please plan to attend and feel free to bring a friend with you.    


As always, for more information you can reach out to any of our BOD members.    


Join our fellow snowmobile club for some fun and excitement! The Falmouth Snow Voyagers are hosting a couple of fundraising events on October 22nd. Click here for all the details: http://www.falmouthsnovoyagers.com/Home/2016-events

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Volunteers are needed!

We have several trail maintenance projects and need volunteers to make them happen.  If interested, please attend a meeting or simply contact us.

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