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Updated: 3/28/18






: 3/17/18



Trails are open but not groomed. There may be open water crossings. Please, if you ride, ride with extreme caution and at your own risk. Be safe out there!!!
There is no access to Highland Lake from our trail system. Lake is not safe.




Updated: 2/8/18


Trails are open and the groomers will be out Friday night setting up the conditions for a perfect weekend of riding.



Updated: 01/13/18


Unfortunately, the trails didn't hold up very well over the past 36 hours.  We are temporarily closing the trails to snowmobile traffic until further notice.  "Closed" is our way of "asking" for you not to use the trails right now.  There are bare spots and water everywhere and we'll only be causing damage, if we are out there.   Lets hope for things to cool back down and a little more snow soon.

Thank you for your cooperation.




Updated: 01/08/18


All Trails have been dragged over the past two evenings.  1/6 & 1/7.  Our plan is to touch up problem and heavy traffic areas this evening 1/8.  Then we'll be suspending grooming through the week and see where we are after mild temps and potential rainfall on friday.    



Updated: 01/07/18


All Trails are OPEN and conditions are in great shape! All we ask is that you stay on our marked trails and respect the private land you are riding on.  It's quite simple really!


The entire trail system, especially the area around Sunset Ridge Golf course is being monitored closely and pictures are being taken of those who are seen being disrepectful and not staying on the trail.  Surely you won't doubt our ability to contact the apppropriate authorities.  


The Trail to Great Scott Family Diner has been cleared and is now open.  Cross Route 302 near Phelps Fabrication Shop, just north of Duck Pond Variety, make your way down towards and alongside Highland Lake, the trail will take you right to their parking lot on the Westbrook/Windham Town line.


You can also get to Corsetti's on Route 302 by going straight through the field and down around to the right across from Chase Custom Homes.  It's always fun to plan a breakfast or lunch along the trail.  


Please also keep in mind that Duck Pond Variety is also available for food and is the only opportunity for gasoline on our trails.  They have sponsored our group from the very beginning.  Please make your best effort, to time your need for gasoline to be at Duck Pond Variety.


When riding near Highland Lake, please be aware of where the ground ends and the lake starts.  No part of Westbrook Trails is on this frozen lake.


Lastly, if you see any issues on the trail please reach out to any of our trail masters, Anthony, John or Wally.  Or use the form under the "Contact Us" section of this website.





Check back here for condition updates as they come in. If you see something that needs attention, let us know via Facebook or our contact page.



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We have several trail maintenance projects and need volunteers to make them happen.  If interested, please attend a meeting or simply contact us.

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