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Trails are closed for snowmobiles and all motorized vehicles at this point.
Please be advised that all the trails in Westbrook are closed to ATV and Motorcycle traffic year round. This includes the Utility Pole lines, Natural Gas lines and any private property without getting your own permission from each landowner.
Gates and Barriers are located in various spots throughout Westbrook and they are there for a reason. They will all be closed and locked by this weekend, April 1st.




  As always, for more information you can reach out to any of our BOD members (see About Us page).    

We work hard getting the trails ready but we need your help. Contact Dan McCarthy for more info 207-854-1076. Trail maintenance happens Saturdays & Sundays throughout the fall. Be a part of what makes our trail system FANTASTIC!!!

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Volunteers are needed!

We have several trail maintenance projects and need volunteers to make them happen.  If interested, please attend a meeting or simply contact us.

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