9-27-2018 Club Meeting Minutes

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The meeting was held at Anthony Latini’s house from 6:30pm until 7:45pm.
Attendance – There were 14 members in attendance.
Secretaries Report – The secretary’s report was reviewed and accepted. Motion to accept made by Ray,
2nd by Bill H.
Treasurer’s Report – The accounts were reviewed and the financial health of the club was discussed.
Motion to accept the report was made by Randy M, 2nd by Bill H. The report was accepted.
Membership Report –
· We are looking for members to renew their memberships as well as bring in new people in to
grow our membership and workforce. Let’s spread the word to everyone.
· Bill H will get the snowmobile registration list from the city to generate a mailing list for the
membership letter.
· Motion to accept the report was made by Ray, 2nd by Jeff. The report was accepted.
Land Owners Report –
· Batch and Dan M will be visiting some of the landowners to discuss the trail system.
Information Officer – N/A
Trail Masters Report
· The trail system is being surveyed over the next week and work crews will be developed
based on what’s found.
· There’s a chance of getting surplus snow fencing from the Windham Club.
· Millbrook Bridge needs the brush cleared out from around it.
· Materials for the annual trail maintenance projects were discussed,
o Anthony will order 200pcs 2”x10”x10’ rough cut boards and strapping for bridge redecking
· The locations of where the equipment will be kept during grooming season was reviewed.
o Sportsman will be at Batch’s house.
o New Bearcat will be at Dan M’s house.
o Old Bearcat will be at Jason Philbrook’s house.
o Both Ranger’s will be stored at Anthony L’s house.
All members wishing to participate in grooming MUST be certified by the state. Once
certified you must ride with an experienced groomer to become familiar with the trail
hazards before taking one out alone. If you’re interested in grooming attend the next
meeting to discuss the details.
Other Business –
· Further discussions were held about purchasing a stand-alone, self-powered bush hog that can
be towed behind the Rangers or Sportsman.
o John Batchelder introduced options with pricing for discussion.
o A few members had contacted other clubs that have this equipment. The clubs had very
favorable input on it. However, the use of a larger bush hogg was still recommended for
the larger areas.
o After a very long discussion, a motion was made to purchase a 44” DR-20 Bush Hogg by
Lance C and 2nd by Batch. The motion passed unanimously.
· This year’s Christmas Party will be held on Saturday 12/8/2018. It will start at 6:00PM with the
band starting at 8:00. Lenny’s has confirmed that they would be happy to have us back for this
year’s Xmas Party.
· A new position of Equipment Maintenance Manager was discussed. This person in this position
will coordinate what’s needed to maintain the equipment. Jim M made a motion to add this new
officer’s role into the bi-laws, 2nd was by Randy M. The motion passed unanimously. Dan Bracket
was discussed as a good person to have this position.
· A discussion was held to revise the bi-laws to change the mandatory monthly meeting from the
2nd Wednesday to the 2nd Thursday of the month was discussed. A motion was made to revise
the days by Dan M, 2nd by Jeff. The motion passed unanimously.
· Dan McCarthy is scheduled to meet with the Portland Land Trust to discuss the two trail systems
and how work even more together in the future.
The next meeting will be held at Billy Bouffard’s house at 90 Country Lane. It will start at 6:30PM on
Thursday 10/18/2018.
These minutes are based on the information I’ve gathered during the meeting. If I’ve written
anything that someone finds to be inaccurate please let me know so the potential issues can be
addressed prior to the next meeting.
Club Secretary,
Lance Cyr