Meeting Minutes 09-08-2021

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The meeting was held at Anthony Latini’s. 170 Pierce St. Westbrook, ME 6:30pm until 7:45pm.

Attendance Jeff Todd, Anthony Latini, Jim Marean, Ray Benner Sr., Ray Benner Jr., Bob Harvey, Jamie Phelps, Billy Hazlewood, Jason Philbrook, Randy MacWhinnie, Tom England & Nathan

Meeting Minutes

Previous Meeting Minutes weren’t available for final discussion.

Treasurers Report

Treasurer provided Cash Balance reporting as of today and reconciled with the bank through 8/31/21.
Checking: $11,213.17

Savings: $20,479.58

PayPal: $145.79

Total: $31,838.54

Made the group aware of the results from the joint fundraising effort with Westbrook Little League and the district tournament that was held in July. ($8300.80) State of Maine Trail Grant was received and deposited 6/5/21. ($5400.00). Treasurer is not aware of any unpaid invoices to our vendors, at this time. Treasurer contacted MSA regarding super raffle tickets and asked for 250 of them, so we could be involved with the Associations raffle.

(Congratulations to member, Billy Hazlewood and Mark Lapierre for their winnings from last years MSA Raffle).

Membership Officers Report

Tom advised that we have 4 memberships already to kick of our 2021/2022 campaign. There was a short discussion regarding membership fees. It was decided that with all other costs going up, that we would remain the same with our requested membership fees. $40 Business, $30 Family, $25 Individual & $10 Associate. (Already a MSA member with another club). We discussed a membership push asap, and motion was made to offer $100 Gas Card from Duck Pond Variety to any member that pays for membership by 10/31/21. (WTB BOD is excluded). Motion made by Tom England. Second by Randy. The motion passed.

Landowners Report

Trail Master’s Report:

The 2014 Blue Ranger is still at Abbott’s. The repairs voted on at an emergency summer meeting should be completed at any time. Anthony will continue to monitor and update the group. Anthony indicated that there have been several meetings over the summer with town officials, regarding land development around Wormel Farm (Brook St and 302). Also shared that there is movement on making a trail up to the new Lincoln Street/Cornelia Warren hockey rink and through a portion of the former River Meadow golf course.

There was a lengthy discussion around some of our older equipment. This was a follow up to the emergency meeting from earlier this summer, when decisions needed to be made on our 2014 “Blue” Ranger. A motion was made that we would try to sell our 2015 Sportsman XP1000, with track system and the drag that was built specifically for that ATV. Anthony suggested that we provide the Windham Drifters Club with a first refusal to purchase this setup and at a reduced price. We also decided to offer our 1996 Arctic Cat Bearcat to them as well. If they are not interested, we’ll open it up to the entire marketplace at a value to be determined at our next meeting. The motion was made by Jamie. Second by Ray Sr. The motion passed.

Lastly, limited trail work discussions tonight. Anthony asked anyone that could get out on the trails to survey the conditions and report their findings at our next meeting.

New Business:

Randy discussed that we purchase a second chainsaw and a pole saw for trail maintenance that was coming up for this fall. Some of this need stems from Anthony’s discussion around a new trail being cut to get to Lincoln Street. We usually work in split crews anyway. Ray said he would work with his contacts at Yerxa’s power equipment. We would try to keep the cost under $1000. The motion made by Randy. Second by Jamie. The motion passed.

Election of Officers for 20212022 Season:

This was completed during this meeting, with the following elections.

Dan McCarthy was nominated by Randy, Second by Anthony, All in Favor.
Vice President:
Randy MacWhinnie was nominated by Anthony, Second by Ray Sr., All in Favor.
Lance Cyr was nominated by Ray Sr., Second by Randy, All in Favor.
Jeff Todd was nominated by Randy, Second by Billy, All in Favor.
Trail Master:
Anthony Latini was nominated by Jeff T., Second by Billy, All in Favor.
Assistant Trail Master:
Wally Carey was nominated by Anthony, Second by Jim, All in Favor.
Assistant Trail Master:
Jason Philbrook was nominated by Anthony, Second by Tom, All in Favor.
Membership Officer:
Tom England was nominated by Randy, Second by Anthony, All in Favor.
Landowner Relations:
Billy Hazlewood was nominated by Ray Sr., Second by Jason, All in Favor.
Digital Officer:
Jeff Cobbett was nominated by Jamie, Second by Jim, All in Favor.
Information Officer:
Bill Bouffard was nominated by Randy, Second by Jamie, All in Favor.
Equipment Officer:
Mark LaPierre was nominated by Anthony, Second by Jason, All in Favor.

The next meeting will be held on Wednesday 9/22/21, at Anthony Latini’s house. 170 Pierce Street, started at 6 pm.

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These minutes are based on the information I have gathered during the meeting. If I’ve written anything that someone finds to be inaccurate, please let me know so the potential issues can be addressed prior to the next meeting.

Jeff Todd